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Turn Passive Viewing into Active Learning

ClickView Interactive Videos enable teachers to create active learning experiences by adding built-in questions or problems, which encourages students to engage more deeply with the video. Students consider what they are viewing, check they have understood, and reflect on key learnings.

Add an interactive layer to any video to expand upon the learnings in new and creative ways.

With our reporting tools, teachers can quickly identify gaps in learning for one particular student or for the entire class, making it a valuable tool to improve learning outcomes.

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Engage students in higher order thinking

Teaching students to passively recall facts through lower order thinking activities is often frustrating for 21st century learners. Interactive videos address this by enabling students to think in a range of ways and at varying levels of complexity, which allows the student to shift from lower order thinking to higher order thinking.

Open-ended questions urge students to critically reflect and demonstrate their understanding through extended responses, which draws upon the students’ skills to reflect, apply wise judgement, and solve new problems.

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Target your teaching to boost student outcomes

Targeted teaching enables all students to better engage with curriculum by reducing disengagement and negative learning behaviours. This effectively boosts student engagement, outcomes and positive learning behaviours.

What makes interactive videos exciting is that educators, especially flipped teachers, can add any questions to the video and receive measurable results to formatively assess their students prior to class. This allows teachers to target their teaching more effectively and tailor lessons for the actual needs of each student.

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Assess the responses of your students and class

Teachers receive detailed reporting within ClickView Online, which provide measurable results of video viewing and concept comprehension.

This gives teachers an incredibly good snapshot of how well their students understood the video concepts. Teachers can use this data to, differentiate their teaching more effectively and set up collaborative in-class activities for peer-learning.

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Flip your classroom

ClickView Interactive Videos support the flipped learning model as students can engage deeply with the video both in and out of the classroom. Students watch the videos at their own pace, whilst assessing their comprehension with built-in questions and additional information.

Teachers are then able to track progress and identify gaps in students’ learning with our interactive video reporting tools, so that no student gets left behind.

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